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The EU, Australia New Zealand, and Cheese
26th August, 2021
The European Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand (ESAANZ) would like to invite you to an online event discussing the EU-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and EU relations with New Zealand on the subject of cheese. Presenters will discuss the[...]
Teaching the Teachers: Integrating the EU into NSW Sec School Curriculum
6th July - 7th July, 2021
This workshop for NSW schoolteachers will consider how to integrate European studies and EU issues into the NSW secondary school curriculum. About this event This workshop for schoolteachers in NSW 'Teaching the Teachers: Integrating the EU into NSW Secondary[...]
Webinar: US-Europe-Russia relations: Views from Australia
23rd June, 2021
One week after the G7, NATO and Biden-Putin summits, Australian experts are deliberating on the key strategic choices facing Australia now. About this event One week after the historic Biden-Putin summit in Geneva on 16 June, which followed US President[...]
ESAANZ 2021 Annual General Meeting
27th April, 2021
Call for the AGM The European Studies Association Australia and New Zealand (ESAANZ) is calling its Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Tuesday 27 April 2021 at 5.00pm (Eastern Time). The Constitution for ESAANZ requires either 21 days advance notification for a[...]
What is going on in Italy? A 'snap' seminar on Italian politics
25th February - 25th February, 2021
Been wondering what is going on Italy? Yet another government and crisis? ESAANZ is organising a seminar to discuss what it means to have a Mario Draghi lead “grand coalition” and “technical” government in Italy. About this Event The collapse of the 5[...]
EU Summer School for the Teachers - Challenges for the European Union: Is the Geopolitical Commission the Real Deal?
19th January - 20th January, 2021
This two-day professional development interactive seminar is for secondary school teachers. The '2021 EU Summer School for Secondary School Teachers' will review recent developments in the European Union (EU), and link these issues with learning and teaching[...]
Book Launch - Albania: Escaping the East, Aspiring for the West
2nd March, 2021
The European Studies Association Australia and New Zealand (ESAANZ) and the RMIT’s EU Centre of Excellence are pleased to invite you to the FREE online launch of the book Albania: Escaping the East, Aspiring for the West by Dr Perparim Xhaferi. The book[...]
EUSAAP Conference: New Directions, New Leadership in a post-Covid Environment
28th June - 29th June, 2021
Dear All, We are glad to announce the EUSAAP is planning its 2021 annual conference to be held in Melbourne, Australia as an in-person event with a virtual component. Conference papers accepted for the 2020 conference are automatically transferred to the 2021[...]
Belarus 2020 and Post-Soviet Colour Revolutions
26th October, 2020
ESAANZ invites you to this event, with presenter Professor Leslie Holmes, on revolutions in Belarus and other post-soviet nations. In 1993, Charles Tilly published his analysis of European Revolutions 1492-1992. In that, he drew a useful distinction between[...]
ESAANZ Conference 2020
1st December - 3rd December, 2020
The European Studies Association Australia and New Zealand (ESAANZ) is proud to announce their conference for 2020, running from the 1st – 3rd of December 2020. By whatever yardstick one wishes to apply, 2020 has been a bumpy year. The COVID-19 pandemic has[...]
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You are invited to '#AUKUS & the #EU: Australia’s new security deal & how this will impact EU relations'

@EmmaShortis @RMIT
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28 Oct
5pm #Melbourne, 7pm #NZ

Co-hosting w/ @esaanzofficial


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